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Please pay attention: 1688 suppliers only ship to mainland China, you will handle international shipping yourself.Please check with your forwarder to make sure if the item can be shipped before purchasing
  • Yes, the money will be paid directly to 1688, but to place orders on 1688 you need to install AliPrice Extension first. AliPrice won't be involved in the transaction, it only provides software service.

  • Yes, 1688 supports shipping to your freight forwarder in China, which is convenient for you to use your own familiar logistics provider for international shipping.

    When you place an order and pay on 1688, the goods will be shipped directly to the address of your freight forwarder in China, and you will arrange the international shipping by yourself and contact the suppliers to solve the after-sale problems by yourself.

  • (1) If you use 1688 international shipping to ship your goods directly to your place of receipt in Korea/Japan, the order must be reviewed before payment to ensure your goods can be shipped smoothly.

    (2) If the goods will be shipped directly to your freight forwarder in China, the order does not need to be reviewed and you can pay directly.

    Attention! It is recommended that you check with your freight forwarder in advance to make sure if international shipping is possible, otherwise the return may incur costs, please consult with suppliers on 1688 for details.

  • It is strictly prohibited to send items that violate Chinese or local laws, International Air Transport Association (IATA) Prohibited and Restricted Articles Regulations and local regulations. For example: imitation brands, pure electricity, cigarettes, alcohol, knives, electronic cigarettes, lighters, liquids, powders, pastes, food, medical equipment, drugs, arms, plants, animals and plant seeds.

    (1) If you use 1688 international shipping, it will be shipped directly to your place of receipt in Korea/Japan, and the order needs to be reviewed before payment. Avoid involving embargoed goods that will make it impossible to international shipping.

    (2) If the goods will be shipped directly to your freight forwarder in China, please confirm with your freight forwarder whether it is embargoed goods or not before placing the order as the order will not be reviewed.

  • (1) The order has not been shipped and can be canceled directly.

    The order amount will be returned in accordance with the original payment channel; in case of credit card payment, the refund arrival time will depend on the bank's processing efficiency.

    (2) If the order has been shipped, please find suppliers on 1688 to negotiate the return and refund matters, especially return shipping cost, and then let suppliers recall parcels. (Please note that suppliers are unable to guarantee the success of recalling parcels.)

    A. If you use 1688's international shipping service to ship goods directly to Japan/Korea, i.e. directly to 1688's transit warehouse, please contact the customer service on the order page directly to let the customer service handle it.

    B. If you use your own freight forwarder in China, please contact them in time to reject the parcel; if the parcel has arrived and signed, please contact the supplier on 1688 to apply for a return and refund by yourself, and after obtaining the supplier's return address, you will need to ship the goods back to the supplier, and the specific cost of which should be negotiated with the supplier.

  • The actual stock of goods on 1688 fluctuates due to real-time orders and offline sales, but the lack of timely updating of stock information by suppliers can lead to discrepancies in the actual stock of goods. As a result, there will be a situation where you have placed an order but the goods cannot be shipped due to out of stock. We recommend that you check with the suppliers for availability before placing your order.

  • The 1688 product detail page can estimate the shipping cost within China by entering the number of items and the shipping destination, but this is the initial setting, and due to the variability of each order, the actual shipping cost can not be completely correct trial calculation.

    A. Usually it is due to the increase in the number of items and weight, so the shipping cost increases.

    B. Attention! It may happen that the goods were originally light in weight and small in size, but due to the large number of goods, it was judged as a large weight parcel. At this time, please pay attention to whether the shipping cost is reasonable, if you think the shipping cost is too expensive, please contact the supplier to modify the shipping cost.

  • Please note when you use 1688 international shipping to send goods directly to Korea or Japan! If we only calculate the weight, for shipping light weight but large volume goods there will be a problem. So in this case we will calculate the shipping cost according to the volume weight, which is the weight after volume conversion.

    However, when estimating, we are calculating the pure weight shipping cost of the goods first because we do not have the physical object to know the packaging or volume of the goods. When the actual shipment is made, if the volume weight needs to be used for calculation, the shipping fee will be 2 to 3 times of the pure weight billing. Therefore, please pay attention to the international shipping price for light and bulky goods.